Mr. Forbes is a Senior Consultant for Strategic Development at MIG Strategic Consulting.  Mr. Forbes is the President of Cultural Integration Solutions; a firm specializes in intercultural and cross-cultural affairs and development.  Also, he is the President of Forbes Strategic Advising; a specialized organizational development firm based in the Greater Boston Area. 

Mr. Forbes is a well-recognized subject matter expert in the fields of organizational development and groups relations. He has a diverse back ground in organizational planning, executive coaching, mentoring, succession planning, recruiting, market research, business relations, employee relations and intelligence gathering.
Mr. Forbes holds M.Sc. degree in Organizational Leadership and a graduate certificate in Human Resources Management from Southern New Hampshire University. Prior to his graduate work, he also earned a B.Sc. degree in Global Geography and Sociology of Race Relations from Brigham Young University. He is certified as a Professional Coach through the University of New Hampshire and has been an active executive coach, professional consultant and life coach for more than 10 years.
Mr. Forbes has had a far-reaching career both domestically and internationally. Early in his career he spent few years living in South American – Chile –  where he worked in aiding programs for local groups in humanitarian and educational efforts. Mr. Forbes’ experience has led to a life-long dedication to volunteering with professional and non-profit groups. He has been an active leader in several groups including a board member for the Seacoast Human Resources Association (SHRA) and is a lay clergy member in his local congregation.

Mr. Forbes professional career has brought him through several industries including healthcare, insurance, government, law, manufacturing and an extensive track record of executive coaching. He has been the first point of contact as a consultant to international groups for organizational needs and market needs. Mr. Forbes specializes in groups relations, employees’ relations and business improvements. Forbes is a well-recognized resource for leadership and organizational affairs, with vast experience concerning international relations and intercultural relations as well.