Mr. Mukhlis is an International affairs professional who has more than a decade of in-depth diverse experience encompassing foreign affairs, international business, strategic advising, political and media consultancy, organizational leadership and strategic defense.

In Washington, D.C. Mr. Mukhlis is President for International Operations at MIG Strategic Consulting, a strategic consulting firm focused on providing international consulting services, professional advisory and effective solutions to various clients on business strategies, energy development, logistic services, crisis management, political conditions, security and counterinsurgency in unstable environments or areas of conflicts.

Mukhlis holds a MSc. degree in Organizational Leadership from Southern New Hampshire University and a BSc. degree in Business Administration from New York Institute of Technology in addition to a distinct set of competencies and expertise in Middle Eastern political conditions, geopolitics, foreign relations, security issues, strategic defense, and counterinsurgency affairs.

Mukhlis has also served as a Strategic Advisor for a number of national and international corporations, private investment firms and other leading companies and clients in the energy, security and strategic affairs industries.

Previously, Mukhlis has served as an advisor to the National Council for Strategic Defense, an advisory entity specializing in studying, analyzing, developing and providing advisory services on defense strategies and methodologies, security issues and due diligence programs that are designed to help defense and security institutions in meeting a variety of challenges by combining deep experience in international security and political conditions with an in-depth expertise in foreign public, private, and social sectors.

Formerly, Mr. Mukhlis has worked in the higher education system and the academic development as an adjunct faculty for Business Administration and Organizational Leadership in several universities in the United States. Mr. Mukhlis was previously a foreign affairs adviser at G.F.I Organization.