“A nation's security, stability, effectiveness and impact are estimated through its relations with other nations and countries”. Our security, soundness, success and quality rely upon our foreign relations, international engagement and mutual cooperation with our key allies and strategic partners over the world.

The art and science of foreign relations is the capacity and ability to explore various matters and conditions and confidently navigate the international arena in order to deal with challenges or opportunities, manage difficulties, engage in certain activities and build strategic alliances productively, adequately and effectively, on all levels: political, social, economic or cultural. 

MIG and throughout our valuable team and subject matter experts has developed solid understanding and knowledge of the international society, norms, cultures, political processes, security challenges, risk factors and legal systems and for more than a decade our experts have built and constructed outstanding strategic alliances and distinctive cooperation platforms with different foreign entities, organizations and businesses both in the public and private sectors in many countries and regions through which our team  have successfully and strategically positioned themselves to provide professional support and adequate assistance to various clients in both the government and private sectors.